Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pandas with Dark Humour

The Egyptians had always been the kings of Arabian advertising. I was watching a TV channel called Cairo Cinema when i came across these dark humorous ads for Panda Cheese. I love these ads for a number of reasons:

1. It is not the typical "use our product, your life will be a blossoming paradise", instead it has a "USE OUR PRODUCT OR ELSE!" kinda tone! which is evident not only in the scenario but also in the tagline: "you don't say 'no' to it".

2. The panda is super CUTE.

3. The music is phenomenal! It really sounds out of place and context which makes the following event (you know, when the panda goes crazy) incredibly unpredictable.

4. There's very minimal talking. Enough with the 30% free extra and 77% of scientists said that and my family liked it because of this and that and call this number and visit our website, although we all know that no one will bother writing the number down anyway, but the client wants that AAAAARRGGHHH!

The new campaign is a great jump out of the lameness of their 2007 campaign. It was a very VERY cheesy cheese commercial.

Watch them here:

Panda in the office

Panda in the hospital

Panda in the supermarket

Panda in the kitchen

Their old lame ad

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  1. hahaha such brilliance! thanks for sharing