Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Let's copy a crappy scenario, for a change

A huge fuss had been made in the event of an Arab video cilp idea being copied form the West. Not that there is something new here, is there? *evil smile
Madeline Matar & director Fadi Haddad had been accused of stealing (it is beyong copying, it's STEALING) the idea & details of a video clip by a Russian band.
Fadi said on a TV interview that he had no idea about the Russian video clip and that he dealt with a "creative" company that gave him the story board, all he did was direct the cameras to copy the scenes from the story board. Madeline went on saying that her video clip was most probably been filmed first. She used a very lame allabi as she said that her Lebanese fashion designer had made her clothes in the video clip and they are not from a fashion brand, so she did not copy anyone. Well, you copied the clothes in the storyboard!!! She defends the director by saying that 90% of the video clips are inspired by other video clips, which to me, made matters worse.

I do believe them when they say they never saw the Russian video clip. I have two questions to ask, though:

1. Is the concept of the video clip THAT amazing to be executed by 2 not 1 but 2 directors from different parts of this world?

2. Since when did the job of a video clip director only entitles that he gets a ready made storyboard and just directs the cameras to copy every freakin detail? What happened to the days in which a director would sit with the artist and ask questions about their taste and their character and hear the song then come up with his own storyboard?

This is rediculous.
I really think the concept of the video clip is LAME and conceptless. It does not matter who did it first. Long were the days in which we had copied amazing ideas. Now we have MOVED FORWARD (sarcasm) and started to copy lame ideas for a change.

Madeline's video clip. She went on saying in a magazine that people made a huge fuss because they were jealous of her and she looked amazing & "sexy" or "motheera" in Arabic in the video clip. Well no, because you are a freakin puppet...couldn't you say something like: The video clip story has nothing to do with the lyrics? Or use better defense for the accusation (im saying "accusation" cuz I don't think she knew about the Russian video clip) than "my personal designer designed the clothes!"? And "everyone copies ideas!?"

Here's the Russian video clip.
I hate Russian Pop, really.

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