Wednesday, 9 February 2011

As an Arab in an Arab Country, I Demand Easy Access to Running Water in Toilets

By "easy access to running water" you know what i mean... TISSUES ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR AN ARAB DERRIERE. We Arabs do not believe in just wiping our derrieres...I don't know how to make this point clearer. I was in a golf club some where in Dubai one day. The club members were mainly British and other Europeans...So I entered the washrooms which were pretty fancy and as i entered the toilet i looked relentlessly for a source of running water but there was nothing, except for toilet paper, and we already established it is NOT enough for no Arab bottom.

This is why it really annoys me:

On a simple level, I do believe its much cleaner to use water & tissues
On a twisted more complicated political lever, I feel that the City of Life had become more suitable to the Western individual than it is to me - the Arabian