Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I have mixed feelings about this - Lipton Quiz Teabags

When I drink tea, I wanna set my mind free. Not think about which object has a million holes yet can hold water in. Yes! I know they usually have super easy questions and it's fun to check out what the teabag is about to ask you, and that's exactly why o have mixed feelings about them.

Don't tell me it's free when it's not

So today I was really stressed at work and decided to take a look around my office building. I came across this gym and decided to check it out. "you working here ( in the same building)?" asked a muscular male receptionist in a fake Just COVALLI tight top. "yes", I replied. "in this case the gym and pool are for free. All we need is a non-objection letter from your company" Then I asked if they had a stepper and what not he later added, with a " bdw" tone, "theres a registration charge of 600 AED".

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Censoring AXE Angels in Arabia

So a few months ago, I came across this interesting AXE TV commercial on Youtube.

The idea behind angels falling from heaven, going out of their nature - breaking their halos and approaching the AXE man with anything BUT angelic gestures seemed pretty cool.

The same ad (which i think is originally Spanish) was adapted on a few Arab TV channels. What did the Arabs decide to do? Destroy that interesting idea, remove any element that links those women to angels...in other words, video-edit the golden halos and the wings out... and obviously cut out the last & most important scene where one angel approaches the man with AXE and breaks her halo.
How the fuck is anyone supposed to understand what's happening now?