Monday, 6 June 2011

Surround Yourself with Photos, Artwork & Notes in The Most Creative Way Possible

Forget scotch tape! There are millions of out-of-the-box ideas to showcase photos, artwork and notes on walls (or elsewhere).
I think a great idea to do so would be sustainable - in the sense that it allows you to reuse materials easily, relatively cheap, easy, and would not create much mess.

Here are some ideas -

I shall start with my favorite of all! The Post it Cushion - Check it here

The marker (which comes with the pillow) is a water-soluble fabric marker which means that all you need to do is rinse the case with water, and water only to wash the notes away. And it comes in a variety of colors.

Without A Frame

I really like the look and feel of this! Using black paper clips to hang photos. I wonder though, how do the clips hang? hmmm. I think this is great if the walls were made out of that relatively soft material that allows you to puncture them with pins but still look neat, like the ones in my office.

The Post-it Calendar - Simple & Useful

Clever Clipboards

What better way to store your bills? This idea was featured in Martha Stewart magazine. These clipboards that have been decorated with wallpaper are affordable and very appealing. A great way to stick them to a wall would be using a that gum-like sticker.

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